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    Create a Magical Witch Garden with These 6 Tips

    Magic, mystic, spiritual, witchcraft, as well as wizardry, are commonly associated with things that cannot be seen and do not have form. However, it is not the case with witch garden. What is it and how does it differ from the other kaleyards? This page will hold the explanation of witch garden definition by disclosing steps to create one. Relieve your curiosity by scanning the tips below. 1. Garden Bed Preparation Nature holds magic on the definition of its own in the forms of healing, replenishing, and energizing. While it is nearly possible to get in touch directly with the natural environment due to daily routines, you can make use…

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    Design Your Favorite Vertical Hydroponic Garden in Your Urban Area

    Having a vertical hydroponic garden is a great solution if you don’t have an adequate ground surface for all your planting needs. The idea is similar to how people create skyscrapers or multistory buildings. Vertical farming is about stacking several layers of planting surfaces to allow cultivating more. This concept is pretty popular among indoor hydroponics enthusiasts since they typically suffer from a lack of ground space to grow their plants. If you are getting interested in creating a vertical hydroponic garden, the following information will help to make the most of it. 1. Basics of Vertical Hydroponics In general, vertical farming refers to the way people grow crops in…

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    23 Best Eye-Catching Trailing or Hanging Succulents with Facts Related

    According to the species and traits they have, specific plants can serve the best view when hung. It also applies to cactus and other similar plantations. This article has the best list of hanging succulents that will excite you as a succulent lover. Check the series below! Types of Hanging Succulents 1. Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum) People also call this real hanging succulent as donkey’s tail. Its ability to grow and spread is beyond expectation. The trailing leaves could get as long as 2–3 feet. Summers are the best times for this plant as pink and red flowers bloom during the season. Place it in full-sun areas and water it…

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    The Ultimate Guide of Growing Mint Indoors

    There is an herb, which is known for its fragrance, fast growth, and its usefulness in culinary. Luckily, this specific plant can be grown inside your house and you are about to read how to do it. Not only possible, growing mint indoors even gives you many benefits. One of the benefits of growing mint indoors is that you can enjoy some freshly picked herbs any time of the year, when it is impossible to do outdoors, especially during winter. 1. Water-Growing Mint Growing mint indoors in water will require tip cuttings around 5 to 6 inches long from a matured plant, water, as well as a bottle or glass.…

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    30 Popular Flowering Succulents Perfect for Both Indoors and Outdoors

    These plants are famous for their thick leaves and thorns, but they can awe people with flowers, too. Grow these flowering succulents, and you can witness their awesomeness by yourself. Here is the list of 33 popular species, which are flawless to be both indoors and outdoors. 1. Afterglows (Echeveria afterglow), Outdoor Flowering Succulents Afterglow belongs to outdoor flowering succulents, but that does not mean you cannot grow it indoors. It is claimed to have the most charming blooms amongst the echeveria genus. That is why it should grow outside so that other people besides you can visually enjoy its attractiveness. With lavender-pink ombre foliages and reddish flowers, afterglow defines…

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    12 Bromeliad Types and How to Care for Them Indoors

    When you are talking about houseplants, the plants from bromeliad types cannot be excepted. Instead, they should be your ultimate choice due to their tolerance to low lighting. Originated from the tropical countries of South and North America, they are guaranteed to grow well indoors in any other hot climate region. Having some pots of bromeliads to liven up your home interior and work environment is a very clever idea. Suit ones with your needs by knowing their cultures first. This page will disclose the best bromeliad species list to grow indoors along with the requirements to care for them. Scan them below! A. Indoor Bromeliad Types Before buying any…

  • Fruits of Spanish Lime
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    Growing Spanish Lime: How to Do It Properly and the Benefits

    Having a huge garden or backyard and living in a warm climate allows you to grow a tall-growing Spanish lime. Also known as the mamoncillo tree, this species is hard to cultivate in a tiny garden or patio. You need to have a spacious area to grow it around your house. Mamoncillo itself has a range of other names despite the above-mentioned ones. Its name includes Chenette, Guaya, Ginnip, Limoncillo, Guenepa, and some others. However, you may simply call this fruit tree a Spanish lime too. If you have a lot of space and are interested in growing this tree around your garden, the following guide will keep you informed…

  • How to Care and Harvest Portobello Mushrooms
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    A Quick Guide onHow to Grow Portobello Mushrooms in Your Garden

    Knowing how to grow Portobello mushrooms must be worthy, especially if the idea of cooking and eating something edible from your garden excites you. Portobello mushrooms themselves are tasty and vegetarian-friendly, making them perfect for any member of your family. More interestingly, it is pretty easy to grow these veggies around your home. Now that this article is talking about how to grow Portobello mushrooms, you may wonder if they are different from ones that are called portabella. Let’s be clear that both portabella and Portobello mushrooms refer to the same species. These are just two different ways to call the mature version of Crimini. Crimini itself is a Portobello…

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    A Quick Guide for Growing Cashews Properly in Your Garden

    Growing cashews is something you can easily do. However, a more specific cultivating condition and environment are needed to let the tree thrive perfectly. If you are confident that providing such an environment is possible, then it would be a great option to grow a cashew tree and enjoy the nuts or fresh fruits later on. Although growing one will not be difficult, you should remember that cashew trees require two to three years for producing tasty nuts and fruits. Now, let’s check the following for more information about them. 1. General Information for Growing Cashews Firstly, where do cashew trees grow naturally? Scientifically called Anacardium occidentale, this species is…

  • The Best Water for Watering Your Air Plants
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    How to Use Air Plant Fertilizer the Correct Way

    Knowing the right air plant fertilizer is the first and foremost way to add any species of this family to your surroundings. Besides, fertilizing will help maintain your lovely little buddy at home. Since they don’t need soil to thrive, you need to fertilize them regularly for the species to grow well in your space. Meanwhile, although it is not complicated at all, air plant care is unexpectedly detailed. If you are interested in incorporating air plants to your home, a nearby local nursery may already supply a range of varieties and everything needed to start with. For instance, you may find wooden frames, seashells, and glass globes filled with…