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    A Quick Guide for Growing Corn in Containers Successfully

    Whether you pick a common variety or something fancier like popcorn, growing corn in containers could be very rewarding. Besides, growing corn in pots makes a perfect solution for typical urban gardens and small patios. However, you may need bigger containers for this plant. Since the ideal setting to grow this marvelous crop is in wide-open fields under the full sun, you better utilize large pots when growing corn around your garden. Even though growing one in containers might be difficult and less satisfying but it is possible. You just need to do some work, more planning, and give the corn plant extra attention. If you are interested in growing…

  • The Best Water for Watering Your Air Plants
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    How to Use Air Plant Fertilizer the Correct Way

    Knowing the right air plant fertilizer is the first and foremost way to add any species of this family to your surroundings. Besides, fertilizing will help maintain your lovely little buddy at home. Since they don’t need soil to thrive, you need to fertilize them regularly for the species to grow well in your space. Meanwhile, although it is not complicated at all, air plant care is unexpectedly detailed. If you are interested in incorporating air plants to your home, a nearby local nursery may already supply a range of varieties and everything needed to start with. For instance, you may find wooden frames, seashells, and glass globes filled with…

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    The Ultimate Guide for Growing Brussel Sprouts in Containers

    One of the good options you can have for your home garden is growing Brussel sprouts in containers. These kinds of plants can grow well in pots and have some advantages to absorb. Containers and Brussel sprouts can make a great combination since it is going to be so flexible. For example, during the day with high summer heat, just move the plants out of the direct sunlight. It will save them from drying out of water. Some other good things about growing Brussel sprouts in containers are the pests preventions, the water control, and the nutrients receipt. Therefore, watch closely the condition of plants. Here are some guides and…