• Fruits of Spanish Lime
    Gardening Tips

    Growing Spanish Lime: How to Do It Properly and the Benefits

    Having a huge garden or backyard and living in a warm climate allows you to grow a tall-growing Spanish lime. Also known as the mamoncillo tree, this species is hard to cultivate in a tiny garden or patio. You need to have a spacious area to grow it around your house. Mamoncillo itself has a range of other names despite the above-mentioned ones. Its name includes Chenette, Guaya, Ginnip, Limoncillo, Guenepa, and some others. However, you may simply call this fruit tree a Spanish lime too. If you have a lot of space and are interested in growing this tree around your garden, the following guide will keep you informed…

  • How to Grow Mimosa pudica in Your Garden
    Flower Gardening

    Mimosa pudica Care and How to Grow One Properly

    Belongs to the Fabaceae family, Mimosa pudica care is pretty simple. You can simply grow this unique plant at home without too much complexity. This creeping plant owns thin, slender stems and fuzzy foliage. The species is native to South and South America before growing naturally in many parts of Puerto Rico as well as the Southern US. Mimosa pudica has been introduced to a lot of other areas around the world and some regions consider this plant as invasive, such as Southeast Asia, Tanzania, as well as some Pacific Islands. Considering how it spreads excitedly throughout many regions, Mimosa pudica care is indeed easy. This species even acquires a…

  • How to Care and Harvest Portobello Mushrooms
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    A Quick Guide onHow to Grow Portobello Mushrooms in Your Garden

    Knowing how to grow Portobello mushrooms must be worthy, especially if the idea of cooking and eating something edible from your garden excites you. Portobello mushrooms themselves are tasty and vegetarian-friendly, making them perfect for any member of your family. More interestingly, it is pretty easy to grow these veggies around your home. Now that this article is talking about how to grow Portobello mushrooms, you may wonder if they are different from ones that are called portabella. Let’s be clear that both portabella and Portobello mushrooms refer to the same species. These are just two different ways to call the mature version of Crimini. Crimini itself is a Portobello…

  • Common Pests and Diseases
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    A Quick Guide for Growing Cashews Properly in Your Garden

    Growing cashews is something you can easily do. However, a more specific cultivating condition and environment are needed to let the tree thrive perfectly. If you are confident that providing such an environment is possible, then it would be a great option to grow a cashew tree and enjoy the nuts or fresh fruits later on. Although growing one will not be difficult, you should remember that cashew trees require two to three years for producing tasty nuts and fruits. Now, let’s check the following for more information about them. 1. General Information for Growing Cashews Firstly, where do cashew trees grow naturally? Scientifically called Anacardium occidentale, this species is…

  • The Best Water for Watering Your Air Plants
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    How to Use Air Plant Fertilizer the Correct Way

    Knowing the right air plant fertilizer is the first and foremost way to add any species of this family to your surroundings. Besides, fertilizing will help maintain your lovely little buddy at home. Since they don’t need soil to thrive, you need to fertilize them regularly for the species to grow well in your space. Meanwhile, although it is not complicated at all, air plant care is unexpectedly detailed. If you are interested in incorporating air plants to your home, a nearby local nursery may already supply a range of varieties and everything needed to start with. For instance, you may find wooden frames, seashells, and glass globes filled with…

  • Water Garden in a Cup
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    20+ Inspiring Indoor Watergarden Ideas To Copy

    One of the popular reasons why people having indoor watergarden is because there are many flowers that can grow easily in water. This kind of urban gardening brings the decoration of the house to a whole new level. The water garden we’re talking about includes houseplants clippings in bottles or other containers. Having a plant in water will be very flexible. Compared to soil-based planting, this method will make the plant grows slower. However, it will stay lush longer. 1. Water Garden Using Laboratory Bottles This is a quite unique choice of container for creating an indoor watergarden. To recreate this idea, simply arrange several laboratory types of bottles right…

  • The Importance of Watering
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    The Guide For Growing Wasabi Anywhere in the house

    Growing wasabi is one of the challenging jobs in the world of home gardening. Why? Because this plant can be very fussy. There are a lot of things to consider before getting it ready for this Japanese herb. The level of humidity, water content, and the environment in growing wasabi can be quite specific. This plant is also considered as a tough herb to maintain and cultivate. But no need to worry, below are some guides and things to know before you begin. What You Should Know Before Growing Wasabi To be sure, we’re not gonna talk about the green stuff which you often have in the Sushi meal. It…

  • Taking Care of Spinach in Containers
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    Growing Spinach in Containers: Things You Need to Know

    If you’re looking for some fresh vegetables on hands nearby the kitchen, consider growing spinach in containers. It’s such a great idea to apply to the home garden. This vegetable should be a part of it because these dark leafy green plants are good for the health. Besides, it’s quite friendly to be applied to an urban gardening style in your house. This post will let people learn how to grow the spinach in containers’ indoor and outdoor areas. Do not worry, it is quite easy to deal with. Why Having Spinach? First of all, we don’t recommend you to grow only spinach in your garden. People have this plant…

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    The Ultimate Guide for Growing Brussel Sprouts in Containers

    One of the good options you can have for your home garden is growing Brussel sprouts in containers. These kinds of plants can grow well in pots and have some advantages to absorb. Containers and Brussel sprouts can make a great combination since it is going to be so flexible. For example, during the day with high summer heat, just move the plants out of the direct sunlight. It will save them from drying out of water. Some other good things about growing Brussel sprouts in containers are the pests preventions, the water control, and the nutrients receipt. Therefore, watch closely the condition of plants. Here are some guides and…

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    17 Gorgeous Tropical Flowering Plants to Beautify Your Garden

    Is there anybody who does not want to have tropical flowering plants in their garden? Offering vibrant colors and alluring fragrance, these blooms will be able to make your space even more enchanting. The good news is that you do not have to live in mostly-sunny regions to add tropical flowers in your space. Some cold, hardy plants will make it possible to have a sultry garden in a cold climate. Growing species that require adequate heat, light, and moisture will not be a wrong move as well. You can simply grow them in a bucket or container so that they can be moved indoors throughout the danger of cold…